Dani Machado - Developer

Hello, I’m an independent consultant and software developer from Terrassa, Barcelona. I work with the latest technologies to respond to the current challenges faced by organizations and individuals. Take a look at my projects and blog. Do you have an idea? Do you need help with a project or application? Learn a bit more about me, and then maybe, you can hiring me.

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What I do


Website development with SEO and SEM for all types of budgets.


Consulting, implementation, adaptation and exploitation of diferent software solutions.


Apps development for multitude of environments and technologies.


Extraction, transformation and data loading for analysis and data migrations projects.


Customized training for the management and maintenance of own and third-party applications.


Cloud services for an easy, secure and scalable administration of your webs, data and apps.

Technologies & frameworks

In the technology business, adapting to the changes and needs of the market is indispensable to offer a quality product and that is why I use the latest technologies, libraries, API's and programming frameworks in my projects.

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Technologies I mainly use

Java EE

99% Complete (danger)

WEB / HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript / JQuery

95% Complete (success)


76% Complete (danger)


88% Complete (danger)

PostgreSQL / PostGIS / MySQL / MariaDB

97% Complete (danger)

CMS / Joomla / Wordpress / Magento

92% Complete (warning)

Cloud / Amazon Web Services

88% Complete (warning)


Datos masivos inmobiliarios

Proyecto para la realización de una aplicación que procesa datos masivos inmobiliarios...

Data AHK Creator!

Migración de datos en software de gestión/ERP cuando el fabricante no te "abre" la aplicación...

Portfolio Sofía Ugarte

Realizar una web para una artista es un reto visual que debe extender su obra...

Análisis 26J

Análisis de programas electorales de los principales partidos para las elecciones generales del 26 de junio de 2016...